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His Majesty grants dhar and kabney to the Gups

Jul 12, 2011

His Majesty the King granted dhar and kabney to 190 Gups at the Tashichhodzong today. They are the first democratically elected Gups. A Press release from the Royal Office of Media says that the award of kabney to Gups by His Majesty is unprecedented and symbolises the importance and apolitical nature of the local government in the new governance era.

Speaking to the Gups, His Majesty said in the few years since 2008, we have conducted the general elections, adopted the constitution and formed the houses of parliament, constitutional bodies and the Supreme Court. His Majesty said today we have accomplished yet another milestone in establishing the first local governments under democracy. He said all the founding pillars of democracy in Bhutan have been laid so early in his reign as he fulfills the vision of his father of a vibrant democracy.

His Majesty said as a symbol of the independence and importance of local government, he is awarding them kabneys from the throne. “Local government is not the lowest level of government,” His Majesty said. He said it is the nearest and closest level of government for the people. For rural Bhutanese, local governments are indispensable avenues for participation in democracy and development. In the long run, the success of democracy in Bhutan His Majesty said will be determined by the success of local governments.

His Majesty added that the Gups might think that His Majesty have detailed their duties and responsibilities and the importance of local government but have said few words of felicitation and praise for their success in the elections. He said their work is yet to begin and praise will not solve any of the problems facing the people.

His Majesty said he will be the first to commend and praise their achievements, if, after five years he finds that the Gups have served their constituencies well, that they have worked hard and without prejudice and above all without hurting the sentiments of the people.

The Gups led by the Venerable Yangbi lopen of the central monastic body offered tashi moenlam prayers to His Majesty the King. The Gups said they felt privileged to have received such recognition from His Majesty the King. They will now serve for a term of five years. According to the Gyalpoi Zimpoen Dasho Penjore, Gup’s kabney like any other position-tied decorations can only be worn for the duration of the tenure.

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