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Ailing Passenger de-boarded after tourists complain

Sep 26, 2015

DrukairDrukair’s pilot allegedly asked a passenger, suffering from sinusitis with chronic ulcer, to disembark, after four passengers complained about strong smell from the man, yesterday.

The man’s wife said by the time they were asked to leave; the cabin crew had already de-boarded her husband.

The man’s daughter said after the complaint from the four tourists, the pilot had called for voting. Of the 108 passengers, 104 voted that he should be allowed to travel.

However, the daughter says, the four tourists were persistent that her father shouldn’t be allowed to travel with them. The captain supposedly had to call Drukair’s management. The management apparently had decided that they will listen to the tourists.

“We went to each individual passenger pleading them to allow my father to travel,” said the daughter. Her father’s condition worsened after the incident.

She said her father cannot speak because of the illness. “Today, he wrote that he was kicked out of the plane.”

Drukair's press release

Drukair’s press release

Her open letter to Drukair about the incident became viral on social media. “I do not want to put a complaint to the management. But, I do not want such incident to happen to anyone.”

BBS got in touch with Drukair but they said they do not want to comment on the issue until Monday. They said they are still investigating the case.

(Update): Drukair issued a press release on September 27 on their decision to de-board the passanger.

12 Comments for “Ailing Passenger de-boarded after tourists complain”

  1. Karma Tarpa

    This is terrible!

    Just curious, what nationality were these business class passengers/tourists? Does anyone know for certain where these people were from?

    I,ve seen a few angry comments on facebook saying “American tourists” but have not heard any reliable source regarding their nationality. It would be an ironic shame if these tourists were not from the United States, as the people making complaints of prejudice behaviour by these “American tourists” would be guilty of prejudice themselves. I’ve seen a lot of awful behaviour from tourists being mislabeled as “American” by locals when in fact they are European.

  2. dhokdola

    OMG. Even when 104 passengers agreed to it the management listened to the measly 4 tourists? How does this portray our country to the outside world? That we chose to please the tourist and forgo “compassion” that we daily pray for all sentient beings? Bunch of hypocrites.

  3. Amanda Hutchinson

    Just would like to say, as a frequent tourist to Bhutan, that the Druk Air decision to disembark the ailing man in favour of those of the four tourists was a massive error. What should have happened is that the four tourists should have been asked to disembark and proceed on the next available flight. I cannot believe that those four tourists were able to dictate terms and it should not happen again. If they wish to experience Bhutanese hospitality they should have the compassion and manners to allow a sick man to travel on the only lifeline out of the country. It would be interesting to know the nationality of these four.

  4. thinlay tshering

    Is it true that the management passed the decision as quoted here? If it is true, then the management may be liable for serious explanation. In the interest of the public and for the improvement, our media should keep up bringing this kind of issues in live. Keep it up BBS

  5. DAVID

    Better close the topic and change the name of DRUKAIR to MONEYAIR becuase DRUK means BHUTANESE and WE are BHUTANESE. Simple as that 🙂

  6. Amanda Hutchinson

    Further to my comment above; I would like to say that in rural area of Britain we have an Air Ambulance which is funded by Charitable donation. Is there now a case whereby an extra tarriff is applied to the tourist visa to fund a fully specialist equipped Air Ambulance in Bhutan? We would willingly pay this.

  7. I am who you think i am

    Pathetic news…Govt. shoud look into this matter.

  8. Karma

    Our foreigners and our tourists are our gods. What right does a sick smelly bhutanese patient have to join their midsts? The pilot and druk air management did the right thing. Congratulations to the spineless sniveling pilot and management for kicking him out. Once again the bhutanese have chisen to appease the fireigners and discriminated against one of their own in his own country. You all are a shameful disgrace to Bhutanese nation and I am ashamed of being a Bhutanese right now. I suggest druk air arrange a special flight and take the patient to bkk. That would be the least you can do.

  9. Kevin A.

    Very poor management by Druk Air. I really hope the person who got kicked out gets a formal written apology as well as some form of reward.

  10. Karma

    This is really really bad on DrukAir’s part. Calling for a vote was perhaps wrong too and not knowing a prudent course of action at such times. DrukAir can be so naive. The man was going for a treatment and DrukAir disembarks listening to 4 tourists! This incident portrays DrukAir’s’s unwillingness to carry sick and disease passengers – Bhutanese. I guess the airline must be accountable for any imminent threat to the ailing passenger for the delay in treatment.

  11. bhutjolokia

    the four were americans…read Randy Bush´s comment in KOL of 28.october. he was on that flight too.

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