NPPF violates housing management rules: Audit report


The National Pension and Provident Fund violated its Housing Management Rules and Regulations by allotting housing units to private individuals, according to the audit report of 2014.

The regulation specifies that only eligible members, covered by the NPPF plan, shall be entitled to the NPPF’s housing units.

The audit findings revealed that 12 housing units were occupied by private individuals who were not covered by the NPPF plan.

Similarly, in another case, rental payments from its housing units worth Nu 449,000 were not collected by NPPF. The report mentioned, aggravated by a lack of monitoring in collecting monthly rental charges, the tenants had become chronic defaulters.

The National Pension and Provident Fund did not comment on the issue while being approached for interview.
The audit report also revealed instances of prolonged services beyond age limit resulting into additional pension liabilities and higher pension payouts after retirement.

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