Million worth flood protection wall to solve the monsoon woes

Million worth flood protection wall to solve the monsoon woes- From next monsoon season, people living near the border gate in Gelegphu will not have to worry about the flash floods.

Their homes and fields will not be flooded with rain water anymore. Construction of a flood protection wall for the purpose is underway.

Every time there’s a heavy rainfall, offices and houses next to the border gate are flooded with rain water.

People said, with their fields flooded, they have not been able to cultivate anything for a few years now.

Moreover, most of the people in the area live in semi-permanent structures.

“The area has been flooding since 2010. This year also, there will be risk of flood till the end of August. It would be grateful if the government could divert the course of the water,” said one of the residents, Pema Namgay.

Another resident, Mon Maya Monggar said every time it rains heavily at night, they stay awake. “Just in case if there is a flood, I have to get my children to safer grounds. We would be grateful if something could be done about this,” she said.

However, all their woes will be addressed once the construction of a flood protection wall is complete.

Gelegphu Thromde has already contracted out the work. The wall worth Nu 11.5 million is expected to be complete by the end of this year.

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