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Wangchang Gewog’s people to appeal to parliament

Jul 22, 2015

Wangchang Gewog’s people to appeal to parliamentPeople of Wangchang Gewog in Paro are planning to appeal to the Parliament on the Thromde demarcations for the Dzongkhag. According to the newly released demarcation map, Paro will be without Wangchang Gewog after three of its five chiwogs were demarcated to be under the Thromde.

Most of the 200 residents of Wangchang Gewog, who gathered at the gewog office to discuss the newly declared Thromde demarcations, are against the new delimitation. Some fear losing their fields, some fear high taxes, and some disintegration of community.

The locals have decided they would put up a signed petition. A group of them would travel to Thimphu to make the request to the parliament.
“People want earlier delimitation which was made in consultation with the public,” said Wangchang Gup, Thinley Dorji.

In the previous map, Paro town and Bondey town were demarcated for the Thromde. But in the Thromde delimitation map, the demarcation areas also include three chiwogs from Wangchang Gewog.

The DT Chairman, Phub Tshering says a meeting was also held earlier with election officials prior to the release of the final delimitation map.

“There was a group of officials from the election commission who came to discuss on the draft demarcation map for the Thromde with the public. There were around 75 of us, including gewog officials and public, disagreed with the draft map,” Phub Tshering said.

Phub Thsering says, following the meeting, they also sent an appeal letter to the National Assembly Speaker to re-look at the matter. The draft map was approved in the end.

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