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Domestic power tariff to be revised

Jun 29, 2015

PowerTarifftoIncrease-Starting next month, with the revision in domestic power tariff, small and large consumers will experience an increase in their electricity bills.

For households, electricity bills could increase by Nu 100-400 a month.

For low voltage consumers, electricity rates are charged according to the amount of energy a household consumes. For example, for 100 units of electricity consumed, a household is charged Nu 1.12 a unit. By next month, it will be revised to Nu 1.28 a unit.

An average urban household uses basic electrical appliances like heater, geyser, electric cookers, boilers, refrigerator and television. For such, the energy consumed totals to 1,023 units of electricity during winter and 543 units during summer.

Consequently, in winter, a household pays an average of Nu 2,576 as electricity bill a month. After the revision, the bill will increase by Nu 376 a month for the consumption of same amount of energy.

However, in summer, he would have to pay Nu 179 extra since electricity consumed will be less.

Energy consumption in most parts of Bhutan is higher in winter than in summer since people use heater and geyser, which consume more energy.
Urban areas like Thimphu consume roughly 45 megawatt of electricity during winter.

Including industries and households, there are more than one hundred and sixty three thousand electricity consumers in the country.

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