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Lhakhang Karpo’s reconstruction uninterrupted despite controversy

Jun 22, 2015

  Lhakhang Karpo’s reconstruction uninterrupted despite controversyThe reconstruction of the Lhakhang Karpo in Haa is underway. It is expected to be completed by next year. Once complete, the Lhakhang will be able to room over a hundred monks and lams. However at present, over 60 young monks and their teachers at the Lhakhang are residing in temporary shelters. They say it is difficult during rainy days and cold winters.

While there have been controversies of corruption with the Lhakhang Karpo reconstruction projects, the actual works are still going on uninterrupted. The reconstruction project was started in 2010 and is now expected to be completed by June next year.Lhakhang Karpo’s reconstruction uninterrupted despite controversy-

The project Engineer, Kirtiman Rai says 75 percent of the works have been completed so far.

“We are in the process of roofing the backside Lhakhang and developing the side structures. Mainly we are focusing on the Main Dochhey since our Tshechu is on September. So we before the Tshechu starts we are aiming to complete it to accommodate the public here”

According to Kirtitman there are challenges. One of them he says is finding enough boulders for the works.

The monks at the monastery are another group facing problems. With their homes still unfinished, 60 young monks and eight teachers at the Monastery have been confined to live in temporary houses built near the Lhakhang.

Pema, a teacher, says it is inconvenient as well as dangerous for the young students when performing prayers while constructions are going on. “We have to start as early as 3 AM and all the students are very young. And the place where we live in at present is quite small. It is difficult when it rains in the summer or when it snows in winter.”

The Lhakhang Karpo is one of the most important sites in Haa constructed in the 17th century.

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