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Government retaliates to Opposition’s critique on budget

May 27, 2015

The figure of Nu 4.3B indicated as the total original allocation for the first two years of the 11th Plan is completely wrong, says a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Opposition, in a press release on May 25, had said its analysis has showed a drastic decline in direct allocation of budget to dzongkhags and gewogs.

They had said a total allocation in the first two years was at Nu 4.3B, which is only 29 percent of the budget, allocated by the previous government in its first two years.

The government, on the other hand, says the Opposition has taken only the civil sector budget, which includes offices of Dzongdags and Gups, amounting to Nu1.1B, and Gewog Development Grant for one year of Nu 410M . “What they have not included is the substantial budget for all other sectors in 2013-14 and the current expenditure budget for 2014-15.”

They also say the first two years’ original allocation for 11th Plan is Nu 4.9B, about 40 percent higher than the original allocation of the first two years of the 10th Plan.

The Opposition had also said the government lacked clear economic vision and policy. “It was expected of the government to make a substantial outlay linked toward realization of national vision of economic self-reliance, balanced development and poverty alleviation.”

PMO’s press release says this is a serious accusation and criticism not only of the Government but the entire legislative process of budget approval, since the budgets are approved by the Parliament and the Opposition Party is part of that Parliament.

“The PDP Government has been in office for just 22 months. Yet, there is a real improvement in the economy.” The government says the restrictions on imports, foreign exchange and construction activities have been lifted much to the relief of the people. “As the result of the positive measures taken by the Government, the economy has started to re-bounce and it is projected to grow at 6.8 percent in 2014-15.”





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