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Processing plant will involve no killing of animals: Government

May 19, 2015

Processing plant will involve no killing of animals- GovernmentThe agriculture minister, Yeshey Dorji said the processing plant, the government is planning to come up with, will involve no killing of animals.

Lyonpo said the plant’s function would be to package the imported meat to make it more hygienic. He was speaking in the parliament, today.

The discussion comes following a heated debate on social media triggered by people’s ‘misconception’ that the government’s plan was to open a slaughterhouse in Bhutan. The government had gone on to clarify that there was no such plan.

In the National Assembly today, Thimphu MP, Kinga Tshering sought clarification from the home minister, Damcho Dorji on the government’s plan to set up mega livestock processing plants in the country.

“In the plan that the government has, there is no killing of animals involved,” said Lyonpo Damcho Dorji.

He also spoke about the petition the Lopens of the Central Monastic Body had put up to the cabinet. Lyonpo Damcho Dorji said the Central Monastic Body had their own valid reasons to put up the petition and that it is not wrong to do so, considering that Bhutan is a religious country.


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  1. For Animals

    If government don’t have such plan to open slaughter house, we as citizen of Bhutan didn’t have thought for such things,
    Government please think twice, you are consider that import of meat declined the rupee crisis, is this only the solution for the rupee crisis?
    Killing of animal within Bhutan will solve the problem?

    we guess its better to stop import of junk food, motor vehicle, especially battery vehicle please,
    which is not good for the environment,
    we wish to have a peaceful living rather the slaughtering animals here,

    the best solution will be never import dirty policy to Happy Kingdom of Bhutan la,
    we request you la

    • WANGDI

      For Animals
      if you are vegetarian you are absolutely correct. Stopping the import of junk food will weaken the market strength as it fails to provide variety and options to customer. Some people sustains selling junk food. stopping to import motor vehicle is not wise, when middle class people will buy personal car? they do not want to make rich people richer by travelling in rich peoples’ buses and taxis and their service is not on required time. improving the country’s economy should be holistic approach. we have to cut down at optimum level (surplus amount) that drains the country’s economy. killing is sinful but make sure not to involve two people at a time, one will kill and other will eat, it is hypocrisy.

  2. thinlay tshering

    The difference of meat processing unit and the slaughter house is known even by a lay man and so we fail to understand how the word “slaughter house” has changed to “meat processing unit” anyway, I am happy that our Government has declared that there is no slaughter house, thanks to our government. I have become pure vegetarian since September 2001 and I found it very healthy so let’s stop eating meat.

  3. Drachom

    Did I hear that the stated purpose of establishing the meat processing plant earlier was for addressing the national objective of food self reliance through import substitution? Now it seems to be just the contrary! For a Buddhist country like Bhutan meat import ban may be more sensible and justified than imposing ban on vehicles?

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