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Overseas Employment Scheme failing?

Feb 27, 2015

Overseas Employment Scheme failingThe Ministry of Labour and Human Resources’ overseas employment is proving to be unsuccessful. The ministry has managed to send only 176 Bhutanese for employment abroad since the scheme began in December 2013. Some 30,000 job-seekers are to be sent to abroad within the 11th plan period, under the scheme.

The labour ministry’s secretary, Pema Wangda, during the ministry’s midterm review, yesterday said Bhutan is not listed as a source of migrant workers for the countries which the Ministry has identified for job-seekers to work.

The countries identified were Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. “Thailand was an exception since it has, on goodwill basis, negotiated with the labour ministry to take Bhutanese job-seekers,” said the secretary.

Pema Wangda further mentioned that the ministry has requested the foreign affairs ministry, since last year, to expedite negotiations with the countries to include Bhutan as a source of migrant workers.

Lyonchhen assured that he will also look into the matter at the earliest.

The labour ministry also outlined it has little authority in creating employment opportunities. Pema Wangda said within the 11th plan, 82,000 jobs must be created by sectors such as agriculture, hydropower, construction, culture, ICT and tourism. He said if these sectors are not actively involved, the labour ministry alone cannot achieve the goal.

“In our performance agreement signed last year, we clearly mentioned that unless the economic sectors create jobs, the ministry alone should not be held responsible for not achieving the target of reducing the unemployment.”

The secretary also said since the DHI-manned companies are major economic sector, they would like to request the government to request DHI and its companies to create some jobs, even if they do not require, as social responsibility.

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