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Maintenance of Sunkosh-Dagana road begins

Jan 25, 2015

Maintenance of Sunkosh-Dagana road beginsAfter six years, the maintenance of 87- kilometre Sunkosh-Dagana road has begun. The road is not just narrow but riddled with potholes. So far, 10 kilometres of the road has been blacktopped.

“Since the road is narrow and my vehicle is bigger, I have to reduce the speed and travel in gear one or two, which consumes more fuel,” said a driver, Namgay Dorji.

Another driver, Karma Tshering said Dagana is a remote dzongkhag and given the condition of road, it would be difficult to ferry the sick in times of emergency to the nearby dzongkhags.

However, the widening of the road is not possible given budget constraints, according to officials from the Department of Roads in Dagapela.

The Royal Government has given Nu.15 M to blacktop the road.




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