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Taps without water

Thukten Chophel, Kanglung
Dec 26, 2013

TapWithoutWater-UdzorongAlmost every household in Udzorong Gewog in Trashigang have water taps near their houses. But all the taps have remained dry since the day they were put in place, a year ago.

The gewog’s water supply in Namtala Drang was disrupted by the Trashigang-Samdrup Jongkhar road widening works. Namtala Drang is a few kilometres away from Khengtong Mani. The water source covers over 250 households in the gewog.

Even though water shortage has gone on to become one of the biggest concerns for the people residing in Udzorong, there are no solutions in sight. “The Gewog Administration is saying nothing. They are not even asking what problems we are facing,” said Tenzin Tshering of Udzorong.

BBS Bureau Correspondent, Pema Namgay, said with the widening works still going on, it’s not clear when the water supply can be restored. The gewog officials maintains that the water pipes would be re-laid as soon as the widening works are complete.

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As temporary measure people have been forced to lay their own water pipes. The water pipes run parallel to electric wires. But still it is not enough with many people channelling water from the same source.

Many villagers said the water shortage is creating problems among them. “People are chopping each others’ water pipes to get more water to their homes,” said Tenzin Tshering. He said they have to visit the source two to three times a day to fetch water. “We have never received water from this tap, constructed by the government,” said another resident.

With the onset of dry season and water sources nearby drying up, people said the situation is getting worst. “The only solution will be to restore our main water source from Namtala,” said Tenzin Tshering. He said there are around three water sources nearby. “So if the water sources can be shared among the villages, I think it will also solve the problem a little bit.”

The shortage of water is worst in lower parts of Udzorong Gewog, Dothphu and Baypam village.

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  1. Dorji Drolo

    This is not a new problem, i think this problem was there since 2010, i saw the pipe connection along the farm road side, some got blast due to water pressure as it was connected steep up. villagers were murmuring that geog administration is not taking any action on this issue, Gup is irresponsible and neglecting. ultimately its just wastage of gov. budget without benefits to public.Geog has yo push this issue to Dzongkhag immediately if you are the responsible one.

  2. KD

    I think the problem is not new. The responsible person knows the problem, but why ain’t he responding. Is it because he/she uses the funds provided by the government for some unproductive activity or he/she does not get enough support from above. Its really a high time for the people of UDZORONG to ACT strongly. Thanks

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