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Ruling and Opposition don’t see eye to eye

Nov 27, 2014

NA-EntAmdBillThe Ruling and Opposition remain clearly divided on commissioners and constitutional offices’ members’ non-resignation from the civil service to take up constitutional offices.

Even though the National Assembly endorsed Entitlement and Service Conditions Amendment Bill, the Opposition member- all 15 of them- voted against the bill.

“The decision is a mistake,” said, Bartsham-Shongphu MP, Wangdi Norbu. He said the decision would be a breeding ground for conflict of interest. If they are bounded by the civil service rules, he said, they would directly be answerable to the government of the day and not their mandate.

A few of the members also said the government is amending the bill for the interest of a few individuals.

Some of the members from the ruling party said that the bill was passed keeping the larger interest in mind.

The Finance Minister, Namgay Dorji said if the opposition feels the move is unconstitutional, they should take the government to the court instead of raising the issue time and again in the parliament.

The main amendment clause of the bill states members and commissioners of the constitutional offices need not resign from civil service upon their appointment.

The previous clause said members and commissioners said a person appointed as the holder; member and commissioner of a constitutional office shall resign from his/her previous office with post service benefits.

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  1. papu dorji

    As a personal opinion, i think, Parliament is forum to deliberate, discuss and sort out the discrepancies, difference of opinion and harmonize opinions. Whether it is constitutional or not, issue is to be raised in Parliament, so that discussion happen there or discuss outside parliament house (some small doubts can be solved outside hall too through talks and exchange of emails, messages, etc since raising of small doubts and making as opinion would take lots of time). Something which is not sure of definitely needs to be deliberated and sorted out in Parliament and that is what meeting is for, not to agree politely/totally/always so long it benefits people of the country. Matter if not resolved, then same may be taken to court, but to take it to court afterwards or at first instance is never under control of anyone. Debate, have patience, do homework and think for people and country.

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