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Men on duty should be allowed to frisk women suspects: MP Tharchen

Nov 26, 2014

MP Tharchen-frisk women suspects- The Trongsa NC MP, Tharchen said man on duty at check posts should be allowed to frisk women suspected of possessing drugs.

He said the section which states that, “women should be searched by the women and if that is impossible, in the presence of women”, should be removed from the Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substance and Substance Abuse Bill 2014.

“Such law only inconveniences the authority responsible for conducting the search of women suspected possessing drugs.” He also said he has not seen any women police personnel present to conduct such search even though incidences are rampant at the check posts.

“There should be equity and justice when it comes to gender,” said MP Tharchen.

The Thimphu NC MP, Nima Gyaltshen said if women are not allowed to be searched by men, it would be difficult to arrange women police, in a short span of time.

But the Paro NC MP, Kaka Tshering said if men are allowed to conduct the search of women, it would lead to undesirable circumstances.

Towards the end of the discussion, the section was approved and remained as it was proposed.

The final discussion will be held this Friday before adoption of the bill.

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  1. hosposh

    Maybe we can start frisking the wives and female relatives of MPs who proposed and agreed with such ridiculous clauses !!

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