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ACC freezes land transactions of eight individuals

Oct 31, 2014

LandTransactionFrozen- The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) froze the land transactions of eight individuals under Thimphu. The move is apparently in connection with the detention of Chang Gup Naku, Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Telecom Tshewang Gyeltshen, and the National Land Commission’s Legal Head, Karma Jamtsho.

As per the notification issued by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the property is a 33-decimal wetland in Chang Gewog in name of Namgay Wangmo. Namgay Wangmo is the eldest daughter of former Chang Gup Naku. A building has been constructed on this land located opposite Shearee Square building in Olakha.

Another property, a 26-decimal dry land under Thim Throm is in the name of Naku’s children from his other wife, Dawa Sonam and Kinga Choden.

Yet another property, a 22-decimal land in Chang Gewog is in the name of Passang Dema. Although Passang Dema is not related to Gup Naku, BBS has learned that she had colluded with him in acquiring the land.

A 20-decimal dry land in the name of Karma Jamtsho, who is currently under detention under Kawang Gewog, is also reflected. Karma Jamtsho was detained on October 22. He is the National Land Commission’s Legal Head.

The 11 decimal residential lands each, in name of Ting Ting Dema and Karma, under Chang Gewog, have also been frozen.

A 20-decimal dry land in Kawang Gewog in name of Tashi Choden is also under ACC’s scrutiny. BBS is yet to find out if these three are related to any of those under detention.

ACC detained former Chang Gup Naku, Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Telecom, Tshewang Gyeltshen and Karma Jamtsho earlier this month.

5 Comments for “ACC freezes land transactions of eight individuals”

  1. karma

    I think it is not fare to reveal names along with CID card numbers of those individuals. It is not quite ethical on the part of BBS.

  2. sangay

    karma jamtsho need to be investigated more..acc good job

  3. Tshomo

    Hi to fellow citizens, Please let’s try to stop doing corruption for own-self benefits only. And let’s start thinking for lesser fortunate ones of citizens and stop cheating both our citizens and kind government.
    Try to remain contented with whatever is given to you and stop trying ill-earning sources. All of ours MIND SET should be changed and try to remain in peace. Lets not think that nobody knows when you do corruption. There are eyes on the wall.

  4. Thadamtsi

    I/We wonder why these people do such corruptions once they are entrusted with power and authority with good payment and facilities. Most of them are money-minded and wanted to become rich through corrupt practices cheating people and government. Their quality and mindset must be made to change by any means. Please do something to make change these sort of people who are desirous and contented.

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