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Zilnon school’s students going the extra mile

Oct 31, 2014

Zilnon Namgeylling Primary School-StudyafterSchool-The students of Zilnon Namgeylling Primary School in Thimphu will have to come back to school by 4 PM for study hours, starting 1 November.

For rest of the schools across the country, the winter time means they will get to leave for home an hour or so, early.

The study hours for the students of Zilnon will go on until 7 PM.

“First of all, they learn to manage their time effectively and it also gives them a good opportunity to keep in touch with the lessons that was taught in the classes,” said the Principal, Kuenzang Thinley.

He said this would be an opportunity for the students to make use of the resources effectively and to the maximum.

Kuenzang Thinley also said since 95 percent of the students live near by the school, which is located inside the police camp, going back home is not an issue for the students.

Supervising the study hours is voluntary for the teachers. The school also receives police officials’ everyday to supervise the study hours, as support from the Royal Bhutan Police.


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  1. adggfdr@ yahoo.com

    This is absolutely rediculous, they learn 9 to 3 or 3:30 at school that is already enough to make them learn, and makes them quite tired.rest of it is completely harmful. They should get free time to play, stay with family and spent time on their own. 1 to max 2 Hrs homework n revision time would be enough at home everyday. That doesnt ran students who finish at 3 would indulge in bad activities. No where on earth do student have to spent so much time in study, that’s completely burden n violation of child rights n freedom.Not in advanced countries USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan this type of thing exist
    This will have more harm than good, Govt must stop private schools from doing such harmful things to poor children. It must be mentioned in national curriculum min and max time schools be allowed to engage students in study according to age or class. Pls stop such stupid thing, principal you need to research more rather than imposing what you think is right without reason.
    Thn c, byee

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