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Bhutan ranks 125th in ease of doing business

Oct 31, 2014

Doing Business 2015- The ease of doing business in Bhutan has upped by 16 places. A report by the World Bank called, ‘Doing Business 2015’, places Bhutan at 125th position of the 189 countries. Bhutan ranked 141 last year.

Among the SAARC countries, Bhutan’s position also went up from seventh to fourth.

The economic affairs officials said the increase in the ranking is because of improvement in investment.

The government aims to bring up Bhutan’s ranking in ease of doing business to top 100 in next one year.

2 Comments for “Bhutan ranks 125th in ease of doing business”

  1. tashid

    Why can’t Bhutan with 700,000 living people cannot rank NO.1 in the ranking of doing business? This is because people we have appointed to lead cannot see the future of Bhutan beyond their office tables and the four walls of Bhutan.

    Any person from Bhutan when they go to other countries and identify themselves from Bhutan,that is full fledge poverty, full fledge corrupted, full fledge media ban, full fledge making people pay taxes for nothing in return, make people pax taxes for increase in the salary increase of MPs and the PM, and other designated persons; it is a nasty big shameful to anyone and to the country. Of self proclaimed patriots may claim otherwise, but these groups are crooks and they have made a all satisfying living for themselves by way of crooked means.

    We can change the country for better, please.

  2. DOrji

    Well said Mr.tashid…… . I agreed what you have mentioned.What about other guys…? its freedom of speech, we are pointing out what is supposed to and right to ..

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