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B-mobile users’ 3G to work properly from December

Oct 28, 2014

B-mobile-3GServicesB-mobile users are complaining that the 3G service is not working properly over the last two months. Forget browsing internet, it’s been difficult even to make a call, they say.

Bhutan Telecom’s General Manager, Sangay Wangdi, says the increase in B-mobile users has led to network disruption over the past few months. There are 160,000 B-mobile users in Thimphu. However, Telecom has 256 KB bandwidth that caters to only 20,000 users.

Sangay Wangdi says they will increase the bandwidth to 1 GB by first week of December which should be able to cater to more than 100,000 users.

3 Comments for “B-mobile users’ 3G to work properly from December”

  1. Wangda

    There should be a thorough investigation into the failure of BT to provide an efficient service to its users and actions should be taken accordingly. They always come up with lame excuses. 4G has been introduced while they have not been able to provide a speedy 3G service. BMobile services are frustrating and so is the 3G services.

  2. nopkin

    256 KB??? I think it is 256 Mbps

  3. Visa

    Which service provided by BTL ha made user happy?
    Can anyone tell me here?
    -Leased Line-when you subscribed for 2 Mbps they will give you 20Kbps
    -Broadband Service-Keeps disconnecting after every 5 minutes and when you complain,they will tell you to come to BTL Head Office and Lodge the complaint haha.Shitty Service.
    -3G service-BTL 3G service is not better GPRS connection.
    -4G-vanished before even it was used by users.

    And they publicise in media that they have installed Core Server,increased international bandwidth and so on.So much so that the druknet GM says their bandwidth is underutilized haha and our media even does not verify or ask them about such issues when they print such false informations.

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