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Efforts underway to conserve endangered snow leopards

Oct 28, 2014

Snowleopar-Conservation..Hunting, loss of habitat and decline in prey are the main reasons that have listed snow leopards as an endangered species around the world. Bhutan, being one of the important habitats of the animal, is working to maintain it as safe haven for this endangered animal.

Some 60 camera traps were set in Wangchuck Centennial Park in Bumthang, since 2012.

The Wangchuck Centennial Park also recently completed a research on snow leopards within the park area.

The Senior Ranger, Tenzin, said once the data analysis has been complete, it will serve as the baseline to determine core habitat during the zoning time. He said after that they could conserve the particular zone.

The snow leopards mainly prey on Blue Sheep which is said to be in abundance. With the research funded by the World Wildlife Fund, the Park officials expect to find out the exact number of snow leopards in the park in an effort to conserve snow leopards.

According to conservationists, climate change, loss of habitats and many others poses the long-term threat to snow leopard.

More will be revealed, learned and shared about this elusive cat, when the final report is released early next year.




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  1. Country Boy

    Great field field work by staff of WCP. Who is analysing data? Hope not some Chelips and our guys function, but as field assistance to them.

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