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Locals ready to welcome Black-necked cranes

Oct 27, 2014

WelcomingtheBlackNeckedCranesThe locals, students, and gewog officials of Boomdeling in Trashi Yangtse are doing their bit to welcome the endangered, Black-necked crane. They have cleaned the swampy area in the middle of Kholongchhu River.

The endangered migratory birds fly to Boomdeling from Tibetan plateau during winter. The place will serve as roosting area for the Black-necked cranes for the next four to five months.

The Chief Forest Officer of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Pankey Dukpa, says the cleaning campaigns were carried out to make the roosting area more comfortable for the cranes to roost during the night after they come back from feeding grounds.

The Black-necked Cranes will start coming by the first week of November. Last year, the park recorded 112 Black-necked Cranes.

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