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Bongdema Industrial Estate finally materialises

Oct 27, 2014

BongdemaIndustrailEstateThe long-awaited Bongdema Industrial Estate is finally coming through. The government of India has approved Rs.197 MN to develop the industry.

The Executive Engineer of the Department of Industry under the economic affairs ministry, KB Biswa, says they have completed the master-plan.

The total cost incurred would be Nu.500 MN.

However, the Executive Engineer said they would be able to complete only the basic infrastructure with the money released by the Indian government.

Bondgema Industrial Estate would serve as wood-based industries. KB Biswa says it would have furniture house, sawmill and workshops, among others.

The industrial estate, spanning over 110 acres, is located on the bank of Kurichhu River. The construction work  is expected to start by early next year.

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