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When women team accepted men’s challenge for a khuru match

Pema Namgay, Kanglung
Sep 27, 2014

Women and KhuruEven though the women team lost a Khuru tournament against the men’s team of Yongphu Pam under Kanglung Gewog in Trashigang, they believe this is not the end to it.

For the first time ever, a women team was pitted against men’s team in a khuru tournament, which was held during the blessed rainy day. The women’s team had taken up the challenge, the men team had thrown at them.

The team captain, Tashi Lhamo said they had won matches against women team of NFE Learners and teachers. “The men team challenged us for a match saying we are winning everywhere. So we accepted the challenge,” she said. “We are not trying to win the match with them but trying to score some points so that they don’t look down on us”.

The match had the men’s team hitting the target quite often. But the women players did their best by celebrating every Karey they hit, even though it came scarce.

The match also drew a small crowd from the village. Most of them came to support and encourage the women’s team.

A spectator, Lhundrup, said it has just been about two years since women started playing khuru. “They are playing well. The only problem with them is most of the time they cannot reach the target.”

At the end of the day, the men’s team won the match by scoring three sets. The women’s team could not score even a single set. But they left their male opponents impressed, with their performance, during the match.

The women players were however not downed by the defeat. In fact, they are encouraged to face other men’s team in the future. They are now planning to challenge the elderly men in village for a Khuru match during another occasion.

3 Comments for “When women team accepted men’s challenge for a khuru match”

  1. DOrji

    Natural disaster will happen again…..Things are not known, by whom to play

  2. karma tenzin

    Gender equity does not mean that women should be into khuru playing

    • thinely

      seriously … grow up people … there is nothing wrong … sports help in socializing and making men, women, children happy …

      when the people playing can accept it, why cant you be happy for them and the sports.

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