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Nehru-Wangchuck Cultural Centre underutilised

Sep 25, 2014

Nehru-WangchuckCultural CentreIt has been four years since the Nehru-Wangchuck Cultural Centre was opened. Since its inception, the activities at the centre have increased, but not the people availing the services.

Even though over 800 people have registered, only about 20-40 turn up for yoga classes, the center provides for free.

More than 800 people have also registered for free music lessons but only a handful turn up.

The Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, Gautam Bambawale, says people people should grab the opportunity.

“We want Bhutanese and Indian people to work together in arts, whether it is painting, dance, literature and discussions. We want them to work together and create something, which is typical to each of us,” said the Ambassador.

The Nerhu-Wangchuck Cultural Centre provides free courses like music, yoga, library and hosting of exhibitions.

The library at the Centre houses more than 6,000 books. But only 10-15 people visit the library, every day.

The Director at the Centre, Malkit Chand, said Bhutanese people should make maximum use of the facilities available. “It’s for Bhutanese and for the people of Bhutan to choose from it.”

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