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Police traces teenage mother who abandoned a newborn

Sep 25, 2014

(Update): A 17-year-old girl, who had abandoned a newborn baby girl, has been found. She is undergoing treatment as of now in Lhuentse Hospital.

According to the sources, the teenager had given birth at 8:45 PM on Monday. The infant was found at around 2:45PM on Wednesday.

The infant is still in Lhuentse Hospital and is said to be in a stable condition.

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  1. Talashi

    Why concerned agencies are not doing enough in performing their responsibilities. Police searching for mother who remains at large after abandoning their newborn, arresting her, handing over the child or giving the child for adoption is not at all a solution for this problem. It is actually inhuman act which is against human rights law. Agencies responsible for taking care of women and children, even with the sex and birth of children must now come together to introduce sex education. Even in schools the sex education must be given. Sex is weakness of every nature. No one can avoid sex.

    I think, the only solution to come over this kind of problem is for sex education.

    If there is enough education given, then only people will start using condoms while having sex, rather than using for hair to become silky or for weaving their kiras.


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