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Painless labour procedure dropped

Sep 25, 2014

PainlessLabour- The painless labour of injecting mothers undergoing labour pain with epidural is unsuccessful. The procedure, introduced seven years back, has taken a backseat given the shortage of anesthetists.

The National Referral Hospital has just four anesthetists.

During a labour pain, an anesthetist would inject a mother with pain-relieving injection called epidural which makes child birth painless.

And, the JDWNR Hospital had trained one more doctor and a nurse as anesthetists. However, they had to be transferred, after a year.

The Head of obstetrics and gynecology department, Dr. Phub Dorji, said they had to be transferred where there was acute shortage of health staff.

The duty of anesthetists is also to oversee relieving pain of patients during and after delivery or a surgery.

But the hospital is working to solve the problem. Dr. Phub Dorji said anesthesia department has started taking residents from this year. And that they are planning to introduce the painless labour back in two years time.




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