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Court to assess DPT’s lawsuit against Dasho Benji

Sep 25, 2014

DPT- lawsuit against Dasho BenjiThe Thimphu District Court says it first needs to assess if the libel lawsuit, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) had filed against Dasho Benji, is criminal or civil case. The preliminary hearing was conducted, today.

DPT’s letter to the court had accused Dasho Paljor J. Dorji, popularly known as Dasho Benji, of posting a “defamatory” statement against DPT of “having robbed the country blind”, on Facebook.

Dasho Paljor J. Dorji is the Special Adviser to the National Environment Commission.

Dasho Benji and his representative will present their argument to the court on October 16.



3 Comments for “Court to assess DPT’s lawsuit against Dasho Benji”

  1. Phala Dorji

    I think that if Mr. Benji is proven to have defamed DPT then he should be penalized to capital punishment for he being the most educated and knows what he should not be doing. He is supposed to be apolitical by his position and family route.

  2. Dorji Wangchuk

    Information is very less,BBS. Why Bhutanese media publicize very small information? What do you do? Please Collect more and share more so that we understand more. Please………Please

  3. tashi dorji (papu)

    Libel would amount to capital punishment? What sort of idea is this? i am referring to above comment (sorry but i guess relevant sections under BPC) would not warrant capital punishment in any cases than other sort of punishment. It’s not our discretion though might be opinion to say who deserves or who gets what. Everything will be determined by the court. Court is presumed to know every laws and everyone has faith in the court. So whatever letter, spirit and content of law requires, any defaulter from such will deserve punishment or damages as prescribed in the law. Well statement made by him could be considered as freedom of expression and speech as article 7 under fundamental rights heading talks about. However, freedom of expression or speech is never protected if such expression or speech made by any individual is against the letter of law. Apolitical and political has got nothing to do with the expression if it is nothing but the truth. So we hope justice is dispensed in any cases looking at injury suffered by the parties or Dasho.

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