His Majesty grants pardon to 45 prisoners convicted under TCA

His Majesty the King granted Royal Pardon to 45 prisoners convicted under the Tobacco Control Act, 2010 and the Tobacco Control (Amendment) Act, 2012.

The Royal Pardon was granted to those who are not repeat offenders and without adverse prison records.

A release from the Royal Office of Media says these prisoners would have to serve their entire sentences, had not been for His Majesty’s intervention, through the Kidu system.

Under the Tobacco Control Act, possessing more than permissible amount of tobacco products was considered a fourth degree felony with a prison term ranging from three to five years.

The Act was amended this year and the sentence was reduced to misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor. The offenders would also be required pay a fine equivalent to five times the value of the tobacco products.

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