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Damsang Dzong, history lost

Jul 30, 2010

Dzongs or the fortresses in the past served as an effective defense for the country. While most Dzongs can still be seen today, some lay in ruins. One such ruins can be seen in Dzongsar village under Tendu Geog.

Except for a few stone walls, the place looks like an unattended land with bush growing all over. In the absence of any written records, it is difficult to get details on the history of the Dzong.

Quoting some of the religious texts, the Lam of Tendu Dratshang said the Dzong is known as Damsang Dzong. It was built during Desi Tenzin Rabgye’s time.

The land where the ruin is located belongs to a farmer of Dzongsar village. Uttarram Rai said the land was passed on to him by his ancestors. The ruins of the Dzong cover an area of around 75 decimals. He said that he has left the area as it is because of the ruins. The Tendu Gup said the land owner has been asked to preserve the ruins. However there are no plans to renovate the Dzong as of now.

Dzongsar Village is 66 kilometres drive from the Dzongkhag towards Tendu. Local people say that they once had a Dzong in their village, some 300 years ago. The village therefore came to be known as Dzongsar. But most of them pronounce it as Jumsa.

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