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Cut-off percentage of PE is 50%

Aug 28, 2014

PE2014Results-The Royal Civil Service Commission declared the result of the BCSE 2014, Preliminary Examination (PE) today. The cut-off percentage is 50 percent.

From a total of over 2,800 university graduates who sat for the exam, just over 1,200 qualified for the main exam.

The main exam will begin on October 10.

The preliminary exam is conducted to test the minimum standard required for a candidate to appear for the main examination.

3 Comments for “Cut-off percentage of PE is 50%”

  1. Dhokdola

    Meaning more than 50% less headache for RCSC viva exam panel as well as paper correction. But still then, wonder why there are exemptions for few groups. Should be fair and equal for everyone.

    • Khandu

      This is with regard to the system of Preliminary exam that the RCSC has coined since 2010 for selection of university graduates into civil servant.
      The PDP during their campaign put into the list of their pledges think that just one exam cannot decide the future of the youth. This seems coherent but RCSC giving so incoherent reason forced the graduates to attend the Prelims exam.
      RCSC’s main objective is to take brightest of the brightest and they can only compromise the quantity but not the quality. The reason to drop the PE for Medical students was not good idea. They need the brightest of the brightest but so important posts like Doctors should go several entrance exams here in Bhutan but it is straight away to the posts by just attending the main exam. That is why our doctors are killing so many patients by wrong diagnosis.
      In terms of question paper (PE) we have noted lot of mistakes. This is one of the reasons that graduates are not allowed to take the paper after the exam. They should allow them to take the paper and carefully solve with help of seniors at home in terms of appeal for recheck, if any.
      Like doctors are in short in Bhutan same is Dzongkha lopens. So in PE 2014 only 9 dzongkha graduates passed out of 49. Why there were no straight away to the main exam to those dzongka graduates as RCSC requires 35 dzo lopens. Same as doctors, appoint them directly as dzo lopens as we are in need, no need to compromise the quality of education as it is not as risky as doctors making the wrong diagnosis.
      Same in other teaching category so many aspiring graduates opted for teaching but was required to sit for PE. As long as someone is good in his subject I feel ok to let him/her to go for that vocation by testing in his/her own subject. One side of our Government is as far as possible trying hard to solve the employment problem but on the other hand RCSC is sticking to their very adamant rules.
      So is the case for those inservice graduates. Let them go looking for better opportunity as some are having good experience from the bottom to mid-level and can easily get observed in other corporation else where. As they resign recruit the fresh one. Or other option is to upgrade them through other means.
      After final selection RCSC just recruits as ranking wise but never check their background (course). For eg. for the post of Planning Officer in the Ministry A where they need economic/B.com background ,etc,. even if I have degree in hotel management and as long as I pass the ME I can opt for planning officer. Same is the case for various posts. Where is the right person for the right job? What hotel management graduates joining in wrong profession going to do in the office. Is he/she going to plan for recipe for the seminar, meting and workshop, etc?

  2. Mr Cross

    The cut off percentage is less the 4% comparing to last year, what is the logic behind, just my felling.

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