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Understanding HIV Positively

Jul 31, 2014

UnderstandingHIVpositively.The health ministry recently detected 34 new HIV positive cases in the country in the last six months. This brings the total detection to 380 HIV cases since 1993.

From the new HIV positive cases, majority were detected from the voluntary counseling and testing services.

Although the UNAIDS estimates that by 2013, there should be 1,100 HIV positive cases in Bhutan, yet only 380 cases have been detected since 1993.

Out of the total HIV positive cases detected, 68 had died.

297 HIV cases are living in the country, out of which 151 are undergoing antiretroviral treatment.

Majority of people living with HIV falls under productive age-groups of 20-49.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry spends a total of over Nu.1.8mn in a year for HIV treatment expenses.

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