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Thasa, a valley from the past

Kencho Tshering, Tsirang
Jul 31, 2014

ThasaChiwog-LargyabGewog-NoDevelopment-A journey to Thasa chiwog under Largyab Gewog in Dagana will take you back in time. Nothing much seems to have changed in this Chiwog of 25 households.

Untouched by modernisation, the villagers in Thasa live in harmony with nature. The only sign of modernisation in the valley is mobile phones.

Since the Chiwog does not have a road, horse is the most important mode of transportation for the people living there.

Most of the locals are farmers and practice subsistence farming. Maize and rice are the staple diet.

Without electricity, life is very primitive in the Chiwog. However, tender to electrify the Chiwog has been floated and plans are in place to construct a farm road.

For now, the villagers are excited to welcome the change, hoping their lives would get better.

The Chiwog is an hour’s walk away from the nearest road point at Burichhu, which lies on the Tsirang-Wangdue Phodrang highway.

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  1. Toktogchu

    Lets pray that they do not migrate from their rural village to urban town but continue to live there as harmonious with nature at present. Sometimes we feel that untouched with modernization is good to maintain our rural villages with live old customs and culture. Our rural villages are getting emptier and deserted by village people gone to urban towns looking for comfortable lives.

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