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Government lifts ban on import of vehicles

Jul 20, 2014

VehicleImportLiftedThe Ministry of Economic Affairs formally lifted the ban on the import of vehicles with effect from yesterday.

With new taxation policy in place, vehicles imported from India will be levied 55 percent tax inclusive of sales and green taxes.

While import of vehicles from other countries will be taxed more than 55 percent tax, depending on the engine capacity of the vehicles. The country banned the import of vehicles in March 2012.

2 Comments for “Government lifts ban on import of vehicles”

  1. Kams

    It will be wiser to give cash then vehicle quota to civil servants. The recent decision by government to give vehicle quota means, number of quotas translates to number of vehicle import. If the amount is given many civil servants may not be able to buy car and may use the money for some useful activities like education of their children.

  2. Sangay

    I would go with giving quota to cash, however mechanism must be put in place to restrict selling quota.

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