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Bhutan-Thailand friendship offer attracts Thai tourists

Jun 27, 2014

ThaiTouristThe ongoing Bhutan-Thailand friendship offer is seeing an increasing number of Thai tourists visiting the country. A total of 1,666 Thai tourists visited the Country, from June 1 till date.

Bhutan-Thailand friendship offer was launched earlier this year to commemorate 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.  The Tourism Council of Bhutan says the offer is to attract Thai tourists during the lean months of June, July and August.

TCB’S Spokesperson, Damcho Rinzin, said they are targeting 3,000 Thai tourists by the end of August.

“There is a lot of expectation from this offer,” said Damcho Rinzin. He said they are looking at providing full employment to the tourist guides, who otherwise do not have work during off-season.

He said the scheme would also help hoteliers and tour-operators.ThaiFoodFestival

Under the scheme, Thai people coming to visit Bhutan will have to pay just 65$ per night.

After reviewing the impact of the Bhutan-Thailand Friendship offer, TCB will be looking at promoting similar off-season tourism.

As part of Bhutan-Thailand Friendship Offer, a one-day Thai food festival was held at the Clock Tower Square in Thimphu.

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  1. finduk

    Way back when DPT Government was in power, there was a serious proposal of liberalizing the tourism sector and to do away with the present regime. It was proposed that part of the tariff which goes to the coffers of the Tour companies must be liberalized while the tariff and the visa fee remain the same. The outcome would have been that more tourist would visit and therefore more revenue for the the Government in terms of royalty tariff. But then ABTO lobbied strongly as this did not bode well with the tour operators. They envisaged competition and a cut in their fat profit. So the idea was hijacked by this cartel and pleasantly so the decision was singularly vetoed by the former PM.
    With this new initiatives like the one for the Thais, it is a good beginning as all stand to benefit. The Government should not be held hostage by a group of tour operators who have benefited and prospered at the patronage for many news now. Our policies should be more encompassing to involved as many stakeholders as possible. Perhaps at this juncture, there is a lot to learn from Thailand.

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