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Bhutan well ahead of schedule to phase out HCFC

Jun 27, 2014

Bhutan is well ahead of schedule to phase out Hydrochlrofluorocarbon (HCFC). Bhutan was able to phase out 10 percent of HCFC by 2013.

According to the Hydrochlrofluorocarbon Phase-out Management Plan, Bhutan is to phase out HCFC completely by 2025.

HCFC in the country are commonly used in refrigerant and air-conditioner. It has harmful impact on the environment and health. The country under HCFC Management Plan was to impose import ban on HCFC based equipment by 2013 and maintain zero carbon emission.

It was also to reduce dependence on HCFC.

The plans to phase out HCFC were implemented to protect and preserve the environment and ozone layer. The initiative is supported by United Nation Environment Programme.

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  1. Tshering

    Good NEWS for the Citizen of Bhutan. What will be the substitution for the AC and Refrigerators? Do Bhutan have standard norms? Import banned on such equipment may lead to problem like Tobacco. This is my perception

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