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DNT asks the government to reconsider salary hike

Jun 27, 2014

DNTOne of the political parties, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), says politicians have placed their self-interest first rather than the national interest. The party had called a press conference in Thimphu, yesterday.

The spokesperson of DNT, Dr. Tandi Dorji, said the present government set a wrong example in a democratic setup. “…The government and the parliamentarians of the National Assembly increased their salaries exorbitantly in their favor as compared to the civil servants which was intended for…”

DNT has asked the government to reconsider the salary hike and allowances.

Dr. Tandi Dorji said they will lobby with the parliamentarians since the pay hike will be effective only from July.

15 Comments for “DNT asks the government to reconsider salary hike”

  1. drukpa_boy

    “…The government and the parliamentarians of the National Assembly increased their salaries exorbitantly in their favor as compared to the civil servants which was intended for…” Intended for…???

  2. finduk

    The move by DNT is well considered in the domain of public discourse. It may benefit them in the next election. Whatever the outcome may be, we are getting this notion that the political class is there basically for self service than service to the nation and it’s people. To start with the DPT government in it’s inception brought in a slew of perks for the political class and tore down the structure of proposal that was envisaged before the onset of democracy. Every session of Assembly has been about raising perks and privileges for the political class. The present government is no different even though they campaigned on a very different platform. What is now important is that the citizens must be aware of such ploys employed by the political class. The trend is not encouraging and it seems that democracy is heralding an era of policy tyranny by the ruling class, self serving being the means to an end. Let us all wake up to this rude awakening.

  3. mamaq

    Why? DNT is talking after completing parliament,everything is completed and on the other hand it is DNT Government since it form government with DNT and PDP, you should blame to your party and presently DNT party Leader are Government(Ministers and Speaker)and they passed the pay revision for Prime Minister,Ministers,MPs and Civil servants.we think that Druk Nyramrup Thogpa has cheated the innocent public and moreover as per our view PDP and DNT are joint party

  4. Lepo

    PDP !
    You may be taking in the sense that you will have full power and authority to increase the HUGE “Salary” for PM, Ministers, MPs.
    You are not permanant….. You don’t realised for future.
    However..future PM & Ministers will be the luckiest since they will also get your salary may na…
    PDP is cheating us depositing PM salary of Nu.50000/- monthly as a charity fund. I do not find any different in this…
    Better direclty revised your salary down by Nu.50,000 ???

  5. Dorji

    I sincerely feel that Government need to look into this and think of promises made during campaign. Please help the people of Bhutan. Governments are parents of country and there are so many poor ones far away in remove corners in our magical country.

  6. bamin 55

    DNT Spokeperson rightly dislosed in the BBS but however, we the public has acquired adequate experience about the politic games of the party.The matter will remain same anyone who comes in ruling party. We are embarrassing looking to the party’s profile than with the opposite after winning. Cheat will not last long although for temporary, let it ………..

  7. Namgay

    DNT is the builder and pillars of PDP, so don’t cried after the battle is out and gone.Don’t use your gimmick for 2018 election,eveyone recognised what your party is.

  8. Droji Drollo

    More or Less the DNT,BKT and chirwang are having same philosophy and ideology with PDP’s so result of any thing can’t be different from PDP government.

  9. Tenzin Norbu

    Honorable Finance Minister justified the Ministers’ salaries including honorable PM’s saying that they have relinquished Wagnor car, maid/ servants etc which the previous cabinet members enjoyed as perks. But it does not rest well with the tax payers mind set to claim that these savings must be deposited in their personal accounts because it was they who saved it. Also the honorable PM’s decision to donate the difference amount of Nu.50,000 to a charity at the end of his term in office reflect poorly of his confidence in his own government. In another instance His Excellency sought the permission of ACC to auction off State gifts and donate the proceedings to a charity.

  10. dokdo

    The new political parties, who are not elected in 2013,are now being starved for 5 years. If any of them leads in 2018, I wonder they might raise by 500% to satisfy their starvation.

    Best solution for me is to have a national referendum whereby the power to raise pay for parliamentarians is removed from the Parliamentarians and keep it in the hands of a apolitical agency such as civil service, Supreme Court, etc. Otherwise, be prepared to watch the same drama after 2018 but PLEASE TO CARRY A PLASTIC BAG INCASE YOU FEEL LIKE VOMITING.

  11. Tashi

    We the people are to be blamed because we voted for PDP! When the country’s economy was in such a bad shape, salary revision for politicians are not justifiable. In civil servant’s case, it was necessary because their salaries were not keeping at pace with the inflation.

    • Pgyams

      We had enough. Enough is enough, we understand our mistakes. We the citizens are getting frustrated day after day. It rather spoils the faith , stop talking on such anymore.

  12. Dukpa

    My next vote is for DPT

  13. KK

    Whatever may be the intetion of DNT! The Voices raised by them Today are the Voices of People. Such voices should be raised time and again to drill the sense to our Self Serving MPs. How Many times they are going to amend their Entitlement Act. I understand why Politicians are least trusted People in the world.

  14. Apdagapa

    There is no permanent enemy n permanent friends in politics.politicians have two faces- private n public faces. They do not believe in sincerity n honesty . They do not what they preach n also they do not know how to be ashamed of themselves. Throw ur spit when u see them .

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