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Gomphu-Panbang Highway already benefitting people

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang
Jun 25, 2014

Gongphu-Panbang Highway already benefitting peopleThe incomplete but much debated and controversial Gomphu-Panbang Highway has benefitted the people of Lower Kheng. Business opportunities have opened up for the people living along the 44 KM highway allowing many shops to sprout. The highway opened to traffic last year.

“We do not have to travel via Assam,” said Bjoka Gup, Tshering Wangchuk.

A Shopkeeper from Panbang, Richen, said they had to walk three to four days. “But now we can we can reach Gomphu or Zhemgang in a few hours.”Gongphu-Panbang Highway already benefitting people-

The road is also expected to benefit the Eastern and Central Dzongkhags once it connects Pangbang-Nanglam and Nanglam-Gyalpoizhing internal highway.

The Chief Engineer in Tingtibi, Prabat Rai, said the construction of the will be completed in its entirety by 2015.  The temporary Bailey bridge over Mangdechhu has helped expedite the progress of the construction.

The initial phase of the construction began in 2007-08. The pace of the project accelerated after the 10 plan was implemented.  “There are still so much to be done,” said Prabat Rai.

The cost of Gomphu-Panbang Highway comes up to Nu.1.04 BN and is funded by the Government of India.

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  1. bamin 55

    We thank our His Majesty the King and the government for being connected the Gongphu-Panbang highway. It is created and hub of the heaven now for the people of lower kheng. I remember the moment started my education have started to walk since at the age of 14 to Zhemgang after completing primary level at Goshing. Now I am 56 and enjoying journey in vehicle reaching Zhemgang within 5 hours instead five to six days walk through risky bridges in monsoon season inflicting by the bites of colorful leeches and flying pests on the way. There was strenuous walk with exhaustion taking full day on foot from Panbang to Pantang and today takes only an hour in the vehicle.

    Further achievement is the Farm Road to Phangkhar, Goshing, Ngangla and Bjoka Gewog center got connected since early 2013. We the sentient being (people & mule/horses) has emotionally and physically relieved from pain over the back and foot and traveling proudly with pleasure in Bolero/DCM/tripper within 1-2 hours. Thinking that people are deeply pleased and grateful to our king and the government bringing rapid changes in lower kheng within short span of years. Such a huge and tremendous changes is never expected in our lifetime but due to wisdom of His Majesty and the elected government have placed us differently in dreamland.

    Now it is totally in the hands of people to continue our social lives by staying idle or sleeping day and night, or depending on import from border of Assam or living with cups and cups of drinking alcohol or keeping land behind the cover of bushes. I personally feel it is high time for us to be at least in the stage of self reliance beside unable us to export. Government has done a lot to change the socio-economic status and by time now left us to realize. Remaining without changes in attitude and behavior will further accelerate the poverty as four of the Gewogs fall between 50 – 60% of poverty rate. To overcome poverty and to increase socio-economic in lower kheng will have to………………….. ……………………

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