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PM launches National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy

Jun 23, 2014

PM-ACC-National Integrity&Anti-CorruptionStrategyThe Prime Minister launched the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) second strategy- the National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy 2014-18, today.

The strategy will focus on reducing the number of corruption cases in the country. It is a one development agenda, which is now integrated into the 11th Five Year Plan.

The strategy is to promote integrity and inculcate ethical behavior through education, among leaders, to fight corruption. It is also to bring people from all walks of life together to combat corruption.

Lyonchhen, during his inaugural address, said corruption should be regarded as a disease and enemy. He urged all Bhutanese to render full support to achieve the shared aspiration of corruption-free society.

He also highlighted the government’s initial plans to curb corruption. “The government will set up a complaint cell.” The Prime Minister said if anyone have complaints against any corruption cases involving the Prime Minister, Ministers, and government officials, they could go to the complaint cell or meet Lyonchhen personally.

The National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy was developed after an in-depth assessment of achievements and challenges in close consultation with stakeholders and experts.

The first Strategy was launched in 2008.

2 Comments for “PM launches National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy”

  1. Timo

    PM you must be joking when you are already involved into moral corruption by raising salary and increasing taxes. I am ashamed! Please stop fooling people now.

  2. Punitive Penjor

    Happy to hear the news and we support the Strategy. There are few of us who desperately desires to support curbing corruptions, but fails to do so when more powerful corrupted people are in more numbers and humble ones in less numbers. Sometimes we turn hopeless and helpless although we want to support to curb corruptions. Thanks.

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