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JDWNRH to be granted autonomy

Jun 19, 2014

JDWNRHTowards enhancing efficiency in health delivery system the government has decided to grant autonomy to the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH). This was announced by the Prime Minister today while presenting the State of the Nation report.

“Under this new framework, the JDWNRH would function as an autonomous hospital governed by a board. The government is confident that the doctors and nurses will use the autonomy to improve the nation’s most important hospital. The JDWNRH is also expected to function as a teaching hospital for the University Of Medical Sciences Of Bhutan,” stated the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also said henceforth the monthly health contributions will also be donated to the health trust fund to procure essential drugs. The Bhutan Health Trust Fund was started in 2000 and the fund today stands at Nu. 1.2 billion.

“Last year (2012-2013) the government spent Nu. 168.3 million to treat 988 patients. I am happy to announce that the Health Trust Fund now stands at Nu. 1,241 million with annual income of Nu. 60.8 million accrued in 2012-13. Furthermore, to commemorate the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s, starting this fiscal year the procurement of all essential drugs – 367 of them from paracetamol to chemo- will be met from the Health Trust Fund. In addition, to keep the Health Trust Fund sustainable, the government will donate all monthly health contributions to the Trust Fund i.e. your contribution,” Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said for the good heath of the citizens the government will attempt to provide continuous flow of safe drinking water for all rural residents and then within three years to all urban residents.

Today, there are 29 hospitals, 205 Basic Health Units; 519 Out Reach Clinics; 193 doctors; 799 nurses and 455 health assistants across the country.

2 Comments for “JDWNRH to be granted autonomy”

  1. Droji Drollo

    Hope that doctor might not do the kidney business like india.

  2. hilltop

    We are population of only 730,000 people is just like a small district of India and yet we have 10 ministres, hundreds of department, 1000 of corporations and another 1000 of agencies. Do we really need so much of agencies and every agencies seems to be claiming autonomy in the name of efficiency and administrative advancement.

    If that is case why not dzongdags have the full powers to administer agencies within the dzongkhags in terms of HR, finace, ploicy and implementation. They will least affiliation to the center. In that way administration would be efficient and burden to central agency would be less.

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