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Pay Commission recommends 92% pay hike for PM

May 29, 2014

Pay hike for PM-92Percent---. The Prime Minister would get a pay revision of 92 percent as per the Pay Commission Report. The report, finalised by the second Pay Commission, was revealed in the National Assembly, today.

The Pay Commission Report also recommends a pay raise of 69 percent for the Chief Justice of Bhutan and Speaker of the National Assembly. An increase of 54 percent is recommended for the Cabinet Ministers, Opposition Leader and the Chairperson of the National Council.

The Prime Minister takes home Nu. 85,000 as monthly salary as of now. If the recommendations by the Pay Commission comes through, the Prime Minister’s salary would come up Nu.  1,65,000 a month.

The Chief Justice and National Assembly Speaker’s salary would go up to Nu. 1,45,000. They take home Nu. 85,800 a month, currently.

Twenty percent salary hike for the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Deputy Chairperson of National Council and the Members of Parliament has also been recommended.

As of now the Deputy Speaker and Deputy Chairperson get paid Nu. 69,300 per month. With the revision, their salary would touch over Nu. 83,000. The members of the parliament will see an increase up to Nu. 73,250 from the existing pay of Nu. 55,495.

The Pay Commission also recommended a 30 percent pay revision for the Chairperson of the Royal Civil Service Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, the Chief Election Commissioner and the Auditor General.

The commission recommends 25 percent revision for the Commissioners.

The commission also recommended restructuring the pay scale of the constitutional post holders of the judiciary.

The salary structure for the other judiciary posts is recommended to be at par with that of civil service.

The pay scale of the Members of the Privy Council is recommended to be revised by 25 percent while the Chairperson is equated to that of the Cabinet Ministers.

The Attorney General’s salary will see an increase by 20 percent on the existing salary as recommended by the Pay Commission.

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  1. Karpo

    Prime Minister was the master mind for setting up pay commission. Now it is being set up.And now Prime Minister’s salary is increased by 92%. Wow its goin interesting in the name of increasing the salary for civil servants. See what he said here
    http://www.bbs.bt/news/?p=31007 . If you reli mean wat u said in the link above, do not accept to the decision made by pay commission which was indeed set up by you. Does
    he mean what he says or is he saying one thing and doin another thing which is called as a lie. Government also seems to worry about the loan indebted to other countries.
    Such stuffs…………..???????????????? How you want to give away the loan back??????
    Think people of Bhutan

    • tenor

      No. HE’s not. HE’s going for 131% recommended by previous pay commission and rejected by his predecessors. Truly a sheep in wolves’ clothing.

  2. Ap Do Do

    this is most ever worst pay revision proposed in the history of pay hike in Bhutan… What the hell is this?? Every one was expecting the income gap between the lower group and higher be minimized but it is exactly opposite… the higher gets too high and the lower, still the lowest….

    After so much of hues and cries from the lower income group, I thought the pay commission this time would have looked into the matter, but in vain…
    better have no pay revision at all… and yes, PDP, don’t forget about the 20% house allowance to the civil servants… then only you will be able to garner votes in 2018 or else, in 2018 you won’t be even standing as an opposition party..


  3. choptong

    why 92% for PM, it should for low income earners.

  4. rechi

    What is GNH? Government are following? following GDP? Specially ruling party.Thank about of low income. WOW! PM will get Salary per month 1,65,000. for 5 years he will take total 9,90,0000 large amount. Instead of Developing Bhutan, Pay commission is developing PM .Pay commission if you really want to increase equal with civil servants.while conducting National Assembly all are worried about of loan. if the government follow the GNH the calculation is showing 8,88,0000. bal. if this bal. used to paid for loan, it will be help both people and gov. it won’t be head ache.pay hike is not fair?????????????????????

  5. uyegen

    This is the excuse of the Government to increase their own pay on the pretext of increasing the pay for civil servants. Why should the minister’s pay be increase by 50% or 90% while it is only 20% for civil servants. What have the ministers done for the country to deserve such unprecedented pay scale. These people are robbing the country.

    The country is in huge debt. What a time to increase their own perks.

  6. TrueCitizen

    I seriously doubt if this is the work of Pay Commission. If Pay Commission took these many time to come out with this kind of report, then those big shots in the Commission have no brains. How on Earth this would happen? People talk much about low income civil servant and here the focus is on all Bureaucrats including PM. This is the worst report ever Pay Commission could produce. Shame on Pay Commission. See the difference 92%, 69% and 54% for them and 20% for us.

  7. KarpoK

    i am not happy with this pay revision. NO JUSTICE. i could see people of all the high post given much importance by raising their pay so as to shut their mouth. if there was a need, then it was need for the lower level civil servant. or atleast equal importance was to be given. this is hell . we are not happy = No GNH,

  8. dorji

    “Ha dand laab ta thuen ne”..said by Prime Minister mana

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