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Social media: Are we creating a happy society?

May 28, 2014

NewshourSocialMediaThe popularity of social media is growing in the country. There are about  80,000 Facebook users in the country.

We took a look at the different aspects of social media and if it is contributing, in anyway, to create a happy society.







2 Comments for “Social media: Are we creating a happy society?”

  1. kailash shongbhen Rai

    The question of whether we are creating happy society is contradictory in itself. One of the functions of society is happiness, as it matters no individual can island itself in the ocean of people. Social media creates this possibility of touching each-other. Where as the media is just a tool and happiness by itself is another aspect. I am happy to comment here, knowing that it will touch larger audience. I know those who are in social media interactions and platform are as happy to be there as monkey on the tree….even if they are not, social media is going to have social impact or otherwise. It is there to stay with our life forever….

  2. kedara

    social media will neither create a happy society nor a sad society.
    types of people create happy or sad society

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