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NC discusses National Assembly Amendment Bill

May 27, 2014

NC discusses National Assembly Amendment BillThe Legislative Committee of the National Council proposed that an elected member, who submits voluntary resignation before assuming the office or before the expiry of five-year term, reimburse total electoral expenditure incurred in that constituency. 

The discussion came up while the council members were discussing National Assembly Amendment Bill. The Bill was introduced in the National Council for deliberation, today.

The National Assembly earlier decided that an elected member have to reimburse the campaign fund if they submit the resignation letter before assuming the office. The Bill was passed by the National Assembly in the winter session.

But, the clause which says an elected member need not refund the campaign fund in case of physical disability and mental incapacity, was kept as it was.

The National Assembly Amendment Bill also repeals the Speakers Act 2004 and the National Assembly Committees Act 2004.

Also, the National Council put up another proposal which says the Budget and Appropriation Bill and Supplementary Appropriation Bill shall be referred to a relevant committee by the Speaker.

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