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Dialysis machines in Gelegphu hospital out of order

May 26, 2014

Dialysis machine broken-GElegphuIt has been almost a month that the two dialysis machines at the Gelegphu Central Regional Referral Hospital have been out of order. There are 13 patients and they are all being referred to National Referral Hospital in Thimphu.

According to Yeshi Lhamo, a bio-medical technician, they haven’t been able to detect the problem. “When we contacted the engineer he said maybe there is problem with the motor. We even did motor binding as per his instruction but didn’t work,” she said.

Meanwhile, the patients who have been referred to Thimphu expressed concerns that they do not get enough dialysis as the hospital already has a lot of patients suffering from kidney disease.

“It is really inconvenient for us,” said Karchung. “Firstly, we have to arrange accommodation because we don’t have any relative here. Fearing my health condition might deteriorate I am enduring all the problems,” he added.

Another patient, Bhoj Raj Gurung, said patient like who are employed have to take leave. “Three to four days are wasted just like that.”

While the unit waits for the engineer to arrive, patients will have to continue availing themselves of the dialysis service at the national referral hospital despite the inconveniences.

4 Comments for “Dialysis machines in Gelegphu hospital out of order”

  1. rightwaytothink!!!

    (1): penny wise and pound foolish which is exactly happening in our country. why our cabinet can’t discuss on this real suffering of citizen instead of foreign relation, hydro-power projects, revising taxes & tariff etc etc? ….. contd

  2. rightwaytothink!!!

    2: talking and dreaming of billions where the citizens are dying for few lakhs laa. people became beggar already seeking financial help from every possible sorts and some even sold their parental properties and few lucky could get back their lives and many aren’t laa…

  3. rightwaytothink!!!

    3: if the concern ministry really faces over burden on this treatment then, why it is not being able to discus about increasing 1% health tax which will directly taken as reserve budget for this treatment. i m sure no one will feel bad to pay just one percent from their salary.

  4. rightwaytothink!!!

    4: paying just 1% more on health tax will definitely make approachable figure to help and save our father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, friends and fellow citizen’s lives laa. My apology to all the concern who feels upset with my sharing laa.

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