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Shopkeepers selling alcohol in Kanglung to be penalised

Apr 26, 2014

KanglungTown-AlcoholShopkeepers in Kanglung under Trashigang will lose their licenses and be dragged to the court, if found selling alcohol items.

The move comes after eight shops were found selling alcohol during a surprise raid by the Regional Trade Office in Monggar recently.

“Most of them were repeated offenders,” said the Monggar’s Regional Trade and Industry’s Regional Director, Aiman Mahat.

The Dzongkhag Tshogdue resolution says sale of alcohol is banned within five kilometres radius in Kanglung.

The offenders, this time, was fined Nu. 5,000 each.

5 Comments for “Shopkeepers selling alcohol in Kanglung to be penalised”

  1. DoDo

    Aren’t those shopkeepers of Kanglung locality Bhutanese? don’t they have right to do business there? what about locals selliing their brewed ones? government clearly deserve standing salute of long finger.

    • ugyen

      Yes everyone has the right to do business but not at the cost of someone s life. There are other means of earning.alcohol affects not just one person who consumes it but his loved ones as well n the whole society. Bcos of it there r so many broken families and homes..crimes…accidents…orphaned children..and the obvious physical illness n the pain that the consumer goes through in his last stage. Govt should really be strict on these issues. I see many bar shops within few metres of radius in towns which serves an easy access for those vulnerable ones. Even if I starve…I will not earn my living by selling alcohol and tobacco in my life…cos I know how much pain and suffering it brings to someone s life.

    • Think

      Why only kanglung? Rule should be same for all.how abt other shops near institutes ? I think there is discrepancies

  2. karma

    Why only shopkeepers in Kanglung are not allowed to sell alcohol? There are like more than 10 Colleges in Bhutan and all the shops located near these colleges are allowed to sell alcohol. Why only Sherubtse? is it because all the Students in Sherubtse are alcoholics? gives such image when the ban is only in Kanglung. Govt. should look upon this matter and free Kanglung Shopkeepers from this ban, it should be treated as like any other towns in the country.

  3. Tsajangchen

    It would be grateful and beneficial to all of us, if selling and buying and drinking of alcohol is completely banned around training institutes premises. This is because, we have seen and heard that many students and trainees are being chalk out because of this evil alcohol and spoilt their life and also killed their parents hopes and aspirations.

    Please keep up the move. We fully support the Regional Trade Office and officials for their hard work and sincerity in helping hand to curb social issues and problems caused by alcohol business(which spoil others’ life for one’s own benefit).

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