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Locals still recovering from Trashigang fire disaster

Apr 26, 2014

Locals still recovering from Trashigang fire disaster- BidoongFireThe forest fire that raged for three days in Trashigang has left a trail of destruction. Apart from damaging thousands of acres of forest, the fire has left many homeless, mostly in Bidoong Gewog. Most of the fire victims are still trying to come in terms with the loss.

Baro, 59, is one of the victims left homeless by the wild fire this week from Bidoong. The fire razed his single storied house to the ground, leaving him and his only daughter homeless.

Ap Baro has no other relatives to live with. He lost all his belongings and Nu. 30,000 to the fire. “The fire was too big. I couldn’t save anything,” said Baro. He said he has been living the neighbour for the past two days.

“All got is this gho that I am wearing.” Baro said he will construct a house again if he gets insurance. Another victim is Tashi Gyeltshen, 67, also from Bidoong Gewog. The fire spared his new house, which is still under construction but he lost all the construction materials to the fire. He also lost more Nu.10,000 in cash and other belongings.

“I called out the neighbours for help but everyone was busy with their own houses. I asked for help from the teachers and the students but they were also very busy evacuating the students to a safer place. Finally I got some help from another neighbor and could at least save the main house”.

Since Ap Tashi’s new house is still under construction, he does not have any insurance. But Ap Tashi says he is optimistic of getting help from the government “Everything is finished now.Officials visit the site and took note of the damages. But they did not say anything whether I will get help or not.”

The Bidoong Gewog Administration says they are working on helping the families, who lost their homes to the fire, in every possible ways. “From our side, we are willing to help and ready to help accordingly,” said Bidoong’s Mangmi, Sonam Phuntsho.

The fire also caused complete and partial damages to 26 houses, including 11 empty houses in Bidung and Bartsham Gewogs. Including the cowsheds, the fire damaged to 32 structures.

The fire also damaged thousands of acres of forest in Bartsham, Bidoong, Phongmed and Samkhar Gewogs in Trashigang and Ramjar Gewog in Tashi Yangtse. The fire was finally brought under control by the rainfall on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the forestry officials are still assessing the extent of damages caused by the fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

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