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Scholarships to encourage Bhutanese athletes

Apr 23, 2014

Scholarships to encourage Bhutanese athletesThe Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) will jointly provide scholarships to some 20 students every year. The scholarships will be provided to talented young sports enthusiasts. To this effect a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the RUB and the BOC, today.

Under the framework of cooperation and partnership, the Bhutan Olympic Committee has agreed to provide tuition fee and stipend to the concerned colleges at the existing government rates.

The Royal University of Bhutan, on the other hand, will provide up to 20 scholarships in its constituent colleges to study diploma or undergraduate program.

“We are doing this one, in discussion with BOC, to really promote people who have got talent in sports, so that they can also advance their studies in the academics,” said the Vice Chancellor of RUB, Dasho Dr.Pema Thinley.

The BOC’s Secretary General, Sonam Karma Tshering, said the scholarship is one of the first steps to build a vibrant sporting culture in Bhutan. Under what they call a sport passport system, the opportunity is to come up with an enabling system to pursue higher studies. “We hope that this will also encourage parents to encourage their children to participate in sports by giving incentives such as this.”

The arrangement will allow athletes to represent the nation at major international games and competitions. Currently, the Royal University of Bhutan provides six leadership scholarships yearly.


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  1. Against Corruption

    what about the children with good sports talent at lower grade who did not attend the age of diploma or undergrad. In developed countries the the future team or future sportsman are selected from the group of very young age and then they are groomed accordingly. I am skeptical that by introducing this program, it is giving birth to corruption where there are very likely for the space of nepotism and favoritism. I am sure, that for these scholarships, the selection will be done based on number of certificates one is having. If you base on total number of certificate, then again the candidate who has participation in general sports will be preferred, which will again undermine the quality in one specific field. I think these preference should be given to candidate, who has extra talent and skill in one kind of sport to get better future team and sportsman.

    nothing against BOC and RUB, it is just my concern and thought.

  2. darjay

    Thanks very glad to the above author, what he said is right and I thums up him. Now each and every one looks for qualification, degree undergraduate and so on, they never look backwards, what the children are, some children need not have to go through diploma,degree and all. Some are very intelligence and expert in each and every talent. The decision taken by RUB and BOC is Based on their own willing, not beneficiary to the children. Actually our opinion is chances to be given to such talented Children, not to the qualification holder like undergraduate students.

  3. Karma Tshering

    The BOC does not have the best interest of all children in Bhutan. Only the contacted and upper society will have a chance to be athletes. The BOC doesn’t even have any good ideas, look they have that old American woman Schneider as a coach. She was not a very good athlete and never was an olympic athlete. Why she never even been to the olympics! And they hire her to be special advisor. I think she is fooling them for free trips to Bhutan. A big joke of BOC

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