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Pema Gatshel’s houses allowed renovations after 20 years

Mar 31, 2014

Pema Gatshel Town- The recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu of Pema Gatshel gave a go ahead signal for the residents to renovate their houses. The approval comes after 20 years.Pema Gatshel Town.

Pema Gatshel’s Dzongda, Tshering Kelzang said, the land on which the houses in the town have been build, belongs to the government. “We had to allow renovations as the houses are in a dire need of one.” He said the toilets need to be fixed and there is also space crunch in the town that needs to be sorted out.

But the decision comes with a condition. The shopkeepers must, without any complaint, vacate the houses anytime, if required.

There are about 27 shops in Pema Gatshel town.




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  1. Dungsampa

    it will remain same…as only opposition leaders are left at Dzongkhag which ruling will never look..

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