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Two more chortens vandalised

Mar 26, 2014

ChortensVandalised-ZhemgangFollowing the chorten vandalism on Sunday night in Nangkor Gewog in Zhemgang, Police have again found out that another two Chortens were robbed off its nangtens on Monday night in the same gewog.

128 feet long Mani-Dangrim chorten at Tarap near Buli Tsho and a Jangchub Chorten at Sarphai in Buli were vandalised on Monday night. All relics are reported to be stolen and culprits are at large. This takes the total number of chortens vandalised to six in the last six months in Zhemgang.

2 Comments for “Two more chortens vandalised”

  1. Khenzang

    What the news in this, criminals go on vandalizing spree, BBS reports it as a news and people/Police cant nab them at all, government did nothing to stop the vandalizing and protect the chortens, monastries and lhakhangs.

    In the end everything will be forgotten and thats exactly the criminals appears to know.

    Cut the crap.

  2. Pema Thinley

    its very shame to hear such type of news……being in the land of Buddhist country……..please do something with criminals..

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