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Chortens vandalised in Zhemgang again

Mar 25, 2014

ChortenVandalisedTwo Jangchub Chortens were robbed off its Nangtens on Sunday night in two different locations under Nangkhor Gewog in Zhemgang.

The burglary took place at Rodpashong in Nyakhar and Manipong in Tshiadang village.

Four chortens have been vandalized and their nangtens robbed off in Zhemgang in the last six months.

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  1. Rangzhing

    We are concerned and is very disturbing news to hear time and again. We humbly suggest that stone-wall chortens to be cemented to protect our Nangtens. We do not know why people do such things. Thanking you and is my view point only as being a humble and loyal citizen who wish to protect our chortens and Nangtens.

  2. dokdo

    This problem seem deep rooted in our society. People are not as religious as they seem because every year Chortens in double digits get robbed or attempted. It is a known fact that excepting for Chortens in the middle of villages or in prominent places the rest in remote areas are a easy target. It is only a matter of time when all the Chortens in the country are robbed of its nangtens. If Chortens are left at the mercy of the burglers to be vandalised anyway, then it is better the government vandalise it officially to safeguard for long-run. The govt can;(1) re-hide the nangtens in different areas within the Chorten, disabling easy predictability, and then secure it in heavy metal boxes, the type used in homes for keeping money and jewelry, soldered to metal rods rooted into the ground and then cement the outer walls, or (2) safe-keep the nangtens in village monasteries or in the Dzongs, or (3) build a metal house encasing the Chorten completely, or (4) as some villages adopted, volunteer every night to guard the Chortens. It is high time to not let the history repeat itself.

    • Chorten

      Or I feel the whole way of looking at our religion needs to be changed.

      Our religion has become more of money religion than religion as a whole.

      It is like the more money you have the more religious you are.

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