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Parking fee collecting agent apprehensive about not meeting contract royalty

Feb 26, 2014

ParkignFee-PhuentshoglingThe parking fee collecting agent in Phuentshogling is apprehensive about not meeting the required contract royalty despite the recent revision. The Phuentshogling Thromde revised the parking fee contract recently to Nu. 6.2 million, about Nu. 2 Million less from the previous rate.

The agent, Tandin Dorji, of Thuendreal Yangsum Enterprise said the poor response from the vehicle owners and lack of parking fee collectors will make it default for him to meet the required contract.

He will have to collect at least Nu. 20,000 daily to meet the operation and contract royalty expenses. It would have been possible, Tandin Dorji, said if all the motorists pay up.  On an average, he is able to collect Nu.15, 000 daily.

“Phuentshogling is a transit town. People from other dzongkhags park their vehicles for days and weeks. When it is time for them to leave, they leave early making it impossible for our fee collectors to catch hold of them.”

He added that finding youth to take up the job is another challenge. He said no one wants to take up the job when motorists abuse them verbally.

For now, he said, requires at least twelve more employees for the job.

Tandin Dorji, said he had approached the Labour ministry to allow him to recruit Indian day workers. However, labour officials say that since his business license is not registered under service based business that requires professionals, permit for day workers cannot be issued.


Meanwhile, the contractor said, three more employees will be leaving their jobs by the end of this month.



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  1. Phuntsho Dukpa

    I sympathize with the woes that the parking fee agent is going through. The question that needs asking is that: why in the first place did the agent take to this business and gave his bid ? This is the sic mentality that many of our entreprenuers have. They bid so low that they dig their own grave and the cry out for help, rescue and handout from the government. The government in many cases relent to this unscrupulous tactic at the expense of the common people. Honour the bid that has been submitted instead of this pathetic begging. Take action as per contract agreement and the bid.

  2. voice

    I’m sorry to say this but what I would like to convey is that many parking fee collectors are not willing to hand over tickets after receiving fee amount. They tend to engage with something else and at this moment, the car owners also tend to ignore them, may be they feel pity on fee collectors.
    So, the concern agents should come up with something new to tackle this issue.

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