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NC decides to allow supply and distribution of tobacco products

Feb 3, 2014

NC-TobaccoAct(Amendment)Bill2014The National Council, today, decided that supply and distribution of tobacco products in the Country will be permitted. The manufacturing of tobacco, however, will remain banned as stated in the Tobacco Control Act.

The submission was made by the National Council’s legislative committee.

The committee said the amendment was necessary because the Tobacco Control Act, which was being amended, had led to the growth of black market in the Country.

Majority of the members supported the proposal. They, however, said the sellers should be taxed.

There were also reservations made by some of the members.

The House then resolved to decide on the matter through show of hands. Eighteen of the 25 members supported the proposal. The Chairperson informed that Tobacco Control Amendment Bill will be tabled in the National Assembly in the summer session.

15 Comments for “NC decides to allow supply and distribution of tobacco products”

  1. Dorji

    This is a very Wrong Decision.

  2. Yeshey

    There will be supply and distribution of tobacco products in Bhutan once again. Good news for all the users and the suppliers. The National Council of Bhutan thinks that controlling black market is a greater cause than the effects of tobacco to not only the tobacco users but also to the other people living in the same environment. The black marketing cannot be above Buddhist beliefs. It cannot be above tobacco related health hazards. Soon other drugs would be allowed just to curve black marketing…..Should they ever encourage tobacco supply??…Even if some of these NC members smoke themselves, ‘No tobacco ‘ would be their advice to their own kids…If they know it is bad, then there will be not so much ill effects of tobacco ban in our country. Just relaxing the laws a bit would have done a world of good so that someone does not suffer like the monk who was imprisoned for 3 years just for carrying a small quantity of tobacco product. In any case, there is no harm in trying to ban a harmful substance. The black market can be controlled by the stakeholders such as:police, customs, narcotic officials…but not by any means encouraging supply and distribution of such products. Democracy does not always mean a total liberalism……………

  3. Palden

    The govt. is becoming a joke,instead of getting done with better issues which will help the people and the country, they are still discussing shit, which will not help in the development of the country but stagnate it, these people are bullshit.

  4. Lawmaker

    High time. Stupid law to put it bluntly. Now they should allow it to be sold in shops too. And turn their attention to banning stuff like alcohol and drayangs maybe.

  5. tata

    This decision to levy tax than banning sounds sensible. In a free world today, government shouldn’t infringe people’s right to kill themselves. But, the tax amount on tobacco products should be more than what it projects to spend on health services offered to people suffering from tobacco related diseases.

  6. pim pong

    When supply and distribution of tobacco in the country is allowed with taxation, it doesn’t necessarily reduce the black market in the country. Out of 100 packets of Cigarettes, the businessman may pay a tax of 10 packets whereas 90 packets will still be sold without any tax… Which ultimately is still a part of black market..

  7. boner

    Tobacco banning issue hit debate for long time both at the policy and general public level. But finally, the people have shown a sign of acceptance, though often reluctantly, by hesitating to smoke at least in public areas. And now there are but just seldom debates on this topic. Our towns and the public zones gained kind of new look of cleanliness and safer air for the non-smokers. Although, initially there were resistance from all walk of life against this act; it has brought a positive change both in the minds of individual and the society over the time. Everyone learnt to smile, though behind their projection, at the tobacco free air in most of the places. I am smoker myself, but I appreciate the initiative of act formulators for not allowing me to smoke in the areas where I would be social evil.
    This topic was actually a topic-no-need-to-be-talked-about-again kind of subject. It has reached to just some economical elites parading their financial power over the nation’s law, who still smoke in the public zones without having even a worm to question them. And, this present bill is just to help these people gain legitimacy in operating their ego without guilt.
    It also cast a sense in me that some of the candidates supporting this bills must be smokers themselves and thought of individual benefit from this bill; so low, so narrow and so idiosyncratic!
    When formulating this sort of bills, it is necessary for them to consult the points from various quarters of the issues: health, religion, social, economic, morale, right, respect and so on and so forth. So, rising of black market per se must not be potent enough to move the country in terror to abolish this divine populace bill enacted against tobacco. Black Market is not so dark to be seen if the concerned agents take up their role and responsibility sincerely with integrity and diligence.

  8. sanja

    one step backwards. what an idea: legalizing to avoid black market as if making it legal will take away all the harmful effects. I was always under the impression that tobacco industry only survives coz of aggressive lobbying, but it looks more like stupidity.

  9. Pushpa Raj Mukhia

    Totally wrong decision, because of the ban on the sale of smoking i have left the habit long before 2004. Likely the habit may relapse if supply & distribution of tobacco is allowed. And thousands like me may follow.

  10. Penden

    Who are these people. Dump head. I thought they have better head on their shoulder. Every body’s knows smoking is just bad for our health. Get it!!

  11. Dhokdola

    What a joke..
    NC feels that the implementing authorities are so incompetent that they cannot stop the black market from flourishing.

    I wonder whether they are really serious in the first place. Banning the tobacco had quite an impact in Bhutan as this led to less people consuming it esp. the younger generations unlike in the past where it was readily available and anyone could pick up the habits. NC really needs to revisit this. The image of the country is at stake cos the whole world knows we are the first nation to ban the tobacco and now this. A TOTAL LAUGHING STOCK

  12. brokpa

    useless of saying ” nangpai choedhen gyalkhab”

  13. Tapo

    Black market would double. Obviously dealers/suppliers would not pay more and would go for making good money by avoiding paying tax. This is a foolish decision made by NC Members. They should have gone for improving implementation, rather than fiddling laws time and again. In fact the Act was so fine. There was no reason retreat. Many had stopped smoking. It is only those greedy people smuggling the restricted item into the country to kill others. Now NC members want more people to die smoking. Also who would pay for tobacco related illnesses. NC members? The Act was meant for the health and welfare of the people and why should it be changed or amended. If suppliers or dealers got imprisoned then it was their choice. why should anybody knowingly violate law for their greed. Please NA members reject the amendment point blank and throw it into the bin. NC often makes rubbish laws.

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